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Flying Colors (2015)

Release : 2015-05-01
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Runtime : 117 Minutes
Home Page : http://www.birigal-movie.jp/
IMDb Page : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4195368
Company : Toho Company, Ltd.
Cast : Kasumi Arimura, Shuuhei Nomura, Atsushi Ito, Yo Yoshida, Tetsushi Tanaka, Ken Yasuda, Morio Agata, Airi Matsui, Yuhei Ouchida, Kokoro Okuda
Overview : A high school girl, Sayaka Kudō was the bottom of the class. After a year, she improved her deviation value from 30 to 70, then passed Keio University that is considered one of the most difficult to enter in Japan.

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Flying Colors


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**The hard work always pays off.**

I love Japanese film and have seen all kinds of them. Yet discovering one more wonderful film like this made my day. Now this is one of my all time favourite. The reason is it is a very inspiring tale, based on the book of the same name, which was originally based on the real life event of the author. Despite it dealt with a serious issue, the story was narrated with lots of fun. You know, if you are telling a most important story that does not mean it has to be slow, dull and artistic presentation. The film looked like some kind of commercial film with an awesome background score, but at the end, it accomplished everything it wanted to tell its viewers quite smartly.

This is a couple of year old film that I somehow managed to check it out now. Only regret is that I'm watching it so late. No need to be confused that it is not an out and out chick flick. It should be watched by all, especially the students and their parents, together. A beautiful message regarding the importance of education. That's not it, it also focused on parenting issues, teaching methods and friends influence. Not everybody born with a gift to do good at education, but it can be developed with proper care and coaching. That's the film's notion which finely presented on the screen.

Sayaka was born in an average family. Her father was keen to make her elder brother a pro baseball player since his childhood. So her mother took care of her and her little sister's childhood. Being frequently changing school, she never made friends, but finally when she did, her education doomed. Now on the edge of finishing school and entering college, she has not learned anything, just to pass the entrance exam. From her teacher to her father, very sure that she has no future. That's what she has to prove them wrong. With her mother's everlasting back, she takes up the biggest task of her life which is going to impact her life forever.

> -xX] If you call a student a loser, they believe it. They lose confidence. [Xx-

The film had lots of inspiring lines. I felt this was one of those films must be shown in the schools. Apart from the education, the parenting failure was another highlight of the film. It was not like the child was completely abandoned. It was the split parenting. It happens when parents failed to unitedly treat equally all their children. One of the reasons could be the field of interest they share with them. Or maybe forcing on them with their failed dream. A kid's family influences his/her beahaviour out in the society, as well as society's in the house. These two to balance, one must have good parents and teachers. And not to ignore the friends.

The music was so good. I think OST is worth a buy. It helped the film to keep the pace in check. Apart from colourful and fun narration, it also gets us with sentiments. Maybe that part seems too intentional, but as for the Japanese standard/culture that I've learnt through watching films, it was natural. The shocking part was the domestic violence which is rare in Japanese films, particularly among those I have seen. The education system varies in different part of the world, but the effort, the hard work are same. No pain, no gain is the motto. You can't just attempt and win. The path always filled with ups and downs. The one who faces them with the right attitude earns right result.

The basic platform was so common, even though the overall film was well told. From the writing to direction and music, a one. All the cast was excellent too. The runtime was just below the two hour mark, but a story like this, nothing bothers. To achieve cinematic result, the story kind of lost the realistic touch, but we must not forget that as I said it was based on the real which simply adjusted to two hour film. The young lead actress won the Japanese Academy Awards. For such an important message film, this is an under-noticed film. I'm not excited just because being a Japanophile. Definitely a must see film and recommend it to all!


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